Friday, 17 October 2014

State support for power production in the EU

Ozone depletion is impact by long and far the most impacted by various power production modes over their lifetimes, on average. However, the rest of the segregation misses the point on climate change (0.043 EUR) for two reasons. One, changes like ozone depletion, land transformation and water acidification also contribute to climate change. Two, incentives in terms of carbon cuts are not included in the data.

These conclusions are from a report compiled by energy consulting group Ecofys for the European Union. It also goes on to assert that the cost of nuclear power and solar power are starting to converge, at 100 EUR/MWh and 100-115 EUR/MWh, respectively. However, this assertion glazes over the significant tax support solar power development receives from EU states.

The most significant amount of support, comes unsurprisingly from Germany, which has 19 nuclear power plants slated for decommissioning. The countries that come second and third are Spain and France. Support from Italy, on the other hand, saw a drastic 448% drop from 2011 to 2012. Data from countries apart from the ones shown wasn't available.

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